Exclusive Airing of the New Album

So, as some of you may know M$R have recorded a bunch of new tracks for the second album. But as expected we are having a lot of difficulty choosing the songs to make the album . Therefore we have decided to let you , the people who matter , have their say!!!!!....... a kind of market research type of thing :) (you`ll actually be helping us out with your opinions!!)

To do this our good friends at the Diamond Rock Club in Ahoghill, Northern Ireland, have agreed to let us have an EXCLUSIVE one time only listening session in the club. Wanna be there? .....wanna hear Million $ Reload's totally recorded second album???.... All you gotta do is go to the Million Dollar Reload Official Facebook page and hit the 'LIKE' button or leave a comment. Anyone and everyone is welcome to 'apply', however only 30 people will be RANDOMLY selected to attended.

You must be available to attended the DRC on Sunday 4th September at 3:30pm, be willing to listen to 80-90mins worth of brand new recorded M$R songs and most importantly be able to be totally honest in your critique. The critique process will basically be a voting system i.e. the songs with the most votes make the album! Considering the album is unlikely to be released this side of Christmas ,those attending the DRC on the 4th will get to hear the entire album before our management , labels , agent etc etc. So in our opinion you`ll be helping us out AND you get to hear the new album too!! you have a week to `apply` then u will recieve an email confirming u were randomly selected and making sure you can attend.

Ready Steady.........GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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